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What should I do if I’m interested in having a dental implant?

If you’re interested in having a dental implant treatment, you can book an appointment with Dr. Roland Zhuka in order to better understand the procedure and to find the best solution for your problem.

When should I consider Dental Implants?
Dental implants are the ideal way to replace missing or weakened teeth. Implants are permanent and serve as an excellent alternative to dentures for anyone. Most adult patients are good candidates for dental implants because they can help prevent the remaining teeth from moving or loosening.
Can my body reject a dental implant?

Implants can’t be rejected because they contain no living cells or genetically coded material. The titanium of which they are made is completely biocompatible and allergies are extremely rare. But an implant can fail to integrate with the jaw bone if an infection develops in the absence of good oral hygiene, or if it is subjected to biting forces too soon.

How successful are dental implants?

At Implantus, we have recorded a success rate of prosthetic smiles built upon dental implants at about 99.9 %.

At what age should my child first see a dentist?

Studies show children can develop their first cavities by two years old, so it is recommended to book the first visit once their first tooth appears – or, at the latest, their first birthday. This helps your dentist catch potential problems that can affect your child’s overall health and well-being as more teeth grow in overtime.

Should I see the dentist if I don’t have worries regarding my overall dental health?

Even if you do not have any symptoms, it is still important to schedule regular dental checkups to identify minor issues before they develop into larger problems.


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