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Nowadays, dental tourism has become a fast-growing type of medical tourism. One of the main reasons people choose to craft their smiles abroad, comes from the low-cost arrangements that offer both a high quality dental work and a unique tourist experience you can have at your destination, especially in Albania.

This country has developed a strong dental care platform which presents a detailed plan for every patient starting from their transport, accommodation and most importantly with their dental service.

At Implantus, we are extremely focused to create a great foundation for potential patients to get complex dental procedures done at way lower price rates than their own country. Our clinic is dedicated to make no compromise regarding the quality of the services or materials by using world-renowned equipments, progressive methods and the latest technology, all in one place, therefore ensuring a high level of safety to every patient.
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At Implantus, we are strongly dedicated to deliver the highest quality of dental care starting from promoting oral health, providing complex dental services and implementing aesthetic dentistry to ensure a great patient experience.

Dr. Roland Zhuka

Founder of Implantus
Master in Advanced Implantology

Our Transformative

Dental Implants
Dental implants provide a great foundation for replacing teeth to make them look, feel and function just like natural teeth.
Emax Veneers
Emax Veneers are thin shells of lithium disilicate glass ceramic, bonded to the front surface of your teeth.
Orthodontics – Braces
Overcrowded teeth and unneccesary gaps between them can be perfectly corrected by Orthodontics. Crooked teeth are more than just a problem of aesthetics.
Root Canals
A root canal can not only get rid of the infection and the pain — but it can also save your tooth, with the placement of an antibacterial filling and a crown.
Fillings and Repairs
A composite filling is used to repair a tooth affected by cracks, fractures, decay or other issues that can affect the structural part of the tooth, causing the loss of its strength.
Teeth Whitening
Teeth whitening works by exfoliating some type of stains from inside out to bring your teeth back to their natural color.


I am so pleased with the service of Implantus, my teeth look amazing, a massive thank you to Dr. Roland Zhuka and his wonderful team. Excellent job, very professional and reliable. I wish I knew about this clinic before wasting my time and money elsewhere.

Dallandyshe H.

I will always thank these people. From the Doctor to the assistant. They really gave me happiness. They are professional, competent, friendly and a truly special team.

Gianmarco G.

I am super happy to be one of Implantus patients, super professional staff. Everything was perfect. The doctors are very gentle and kind.  I am happy that I have found a dental clinic that puts the patient first and takes away their fear with their gentleness and kindness for patients.

Urim R.

Special thanks to Dr. Roland Zhuka and his team for taking care of my dental problems. Great professional service done in a timely manner. I am very happy to have chosen Implantus and will continue to use  their service in the future.

Jashar M.

Thank you Dr. Zhuka for the great experience and quality work you have done on my teeth. I am usually apprehensive about needles and it was no sweat at all. In fact, can’t wait for the next needle thanks to your gentle touch. I have been pleased with your professional service.

Enejda Y.

The staff is really friendly and well prepared.
The service is really good and the doctors there know how to give the best of them.😁
Dr. Roland is always smiling and making you feel comfortable just like home.
Highly recommended!

Livia Gj.


How Will You

Transformations for a lifetime full of smiles. We are dedicated to bring life to every patient’s portrait by crafting the most brilliant smiles. Every treatment is highly detail-oriented to create natural, spectacular results.
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Why Choose

Premium Dental Care

Providing a full platform of dental care to cover every type of medical need.

Enjoyable Experience

Highly skilled professionals supporting your dental health in every way possible.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Rather than resembling a hospital-like atmosphere, Implantus makes sure to provide the most comforting experience for you.

Advanced Solutions

Innovative dentistry in a relaxing high-tech environment with progressive methods and extra-caring approach.

Exceptional Service

When patients want to aim perfection, we know exactly how to do that. Making big changes with small details.

Remarkable Results

Detail-oriented and focused on creating perfection on every smile we touch.

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